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Our Aquarium Portfolio

We have worked with internationally recognized hotel chains and theme parks. We have also worked with over 100 private clients in the UK and abroad. Our products and installations can be found in Spain, Dubai, Malaysia, Australia, Greece, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Turkey and more. Here is a small collection of just some of our custom acrylic aquariums from around the world.

A man working on an acrylic aquarium

A member of the team working on an acrylic aquarium under construction.

underwater tunnel aquarium

A large-scale underwater tunnel aquarium made for a client in Thailand.

in-the-wall acrylic aquarium

A large in-the-wall acrylic aquarium construction for a private client.

arch shaped aquarium

A custom aquarium designed and manufactured to very specific dimensions.


A Custom Aquarium build designed to feature as a divider between rooms.


A poolside custom acrylic aquarium construction for a prestigious private client.


A bespoke aquarium for a private client, complete with artificial corals. Ready for Dispatch!


A true test that acrylic really can be used for custom aquariums of all sizes!


A behind the scenes photograph of a custom acrylic tunnel whilst under construction.

The Construction Process

Acrylic Aquarium Construction Process

Manufacturing acrylic aquariums is a meticulous process that combines cutting-edge technology with skilled craftsmanship to create stunning aquatic environments. At the heart of this process is the precision-cutting of high-quality acrylic sheets, ensuring flawless clarity and durability. These sheets are then expertly bonded together, forming a seamless, leak-proof structure that can withstand the test of time.

Our dedicated team of artisans takes great pride in their work, meticulously polishing and buffing the aquarium's edges to perfection. This attention to detail extends to the final quality inspection, where we scrutinize every seam and surface, guaranteeing a crystal-clear view into the underwater world. We understand the unique needs of both hobbyists and professionals, and our commitment to excellence ensures that our acrylic aquariums not only meet but exceed your expectations.