Acrylic Aquariums

Enjoy a stronger, lighter, and more durable acrylic aquarium for your aquatic friends.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable aquarium, consider investing in a bespoke aquarium from Acrylic Aquarium Co. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from, and we can also custom build an aquarium to your exact specifications.

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Acrylic Aquariums: Stronger, Lighter, And More Durable

Acrylic aquariums are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over traditional glass aquariums. Acrylic is stronger, lighter, and more durable than glass, and it is also more resistant to scratches and cracks.

It's these material benefits that make acrylic ideal for a variety of applications, including commercial aquariums in zoos, museums, and restaurants, as well as private aquariums in homes and businesses.

Why An Acrylic Aquarium?

Acrylic is the preferred material for large-scale aquariums and fish tanks. Its properties and manufacturing methods allow for greater flexibility in aquarium design, without the risks associated with glass aquarium construction.

Here are just a few benefits of acrylic over glass:

Poolside Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic is much stronger than glass, making it more resistant to impact and cracks.

Poolside Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic weighs a lot less than glass, making it easier to move around and install.

Poolside Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic is crystal clear, providing excellent visibility of your fish and plants.

Poolside Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic can be molded into virtually any shape, allowing for custom aquarium designs.

If you are looking for a strong, durable, and versatile aquarium material, acrylic is the clear choice.

What Our Clients Think ...



Absolutely thrilled with our custom acrylic aquarium from Acrylic Aquarium Co. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are exceptional. The aquarium complements our home's aesthetic and has become a conversation piece.

Acrylic Aquarium Co were a pleasure to work with, and they went above and beyond to ensure our vision became a reality. We couldn't be happier!

Gary C - France


We had been searching for a reputable acrylic aquarium manufacturer for quite some time, and we are so grateful to have found Acrylic Aquarium Co. From the moment we reached out to them, the customer service was top-notch.

Our new acrylic aquarium is a stunning addition to our office, and the marine life inside it thrives. Acrylic Aquarium Co has truly exceeded our expectations."

Jamie E - England


As a marine enthusiast, I've had several aquariums over the years, but the one I received from Acrylic Aquarium Co stands out as the best. The clarity of the acrylic and the quality of the build are unparalleled by any previous aquarium.

The aquarium has become the focal point of my home, and I spend hours watching the vibrant underwater world they've helped me create."

Julie S - Australia