A Little About Aquarium Masters ...

Aquarium Masters is an exciting and innovative company with over 20 years experience in the aquarium installation industry.

Combining creativity with expertise we produce truly unique projects whilst focusing on complete client satisfaction. Each installation is custom made from the highest quality acrylic to your requirements.

Have you ever wondered where you can buy something unique, something no-one else has? Or seen a tank on a T.V programme and said to yourself - I want one of those! Then look no further, Aquarium Masters will construct your Large aquarium for you and will even install it should this be required.

We work alongside your interior designer/architect or builder ensuring the finished product meets your expectations. Please either call us or contact us to discuss your requirements, you'll be glad you did !

Still unconvinced about using acrylic ...?

Then ask yourself this question, Why do 99% of public aquariums use acrylic for their exhibits?

If you would like a large acrylic aquarium for:-

Zoos, Exhibitions, hotels, schools, businesses, private clients etc, then look no further, we can give you a quotation online. Simply contact us today and we will email you back within 24 hours.

We are currently very busy working on projects around the world, not only are these projects delivered on time they are also on budget! Take a look at our Current Projects.